The Unicorn Extinction Series: An Introspective Analysis of Women in Cybersecurity, Part 2

Part one of this serie examined the diversity problem in Cybersecurity was and introduced the Unicorn law. In this second edition 4 WiCS are giving you their perspectives. This assorted group of interviews include; Jessica Hebenstreit, a Senior SOC Manager, Diana Kelly, a Global Executive Security Advisor, Deidre Diamond, Founder and CEO of, and Magda Lilia Chelly, Managing Director of Responsible Cyber PTe. 

The dialogs ranges from the operational side of senior leadership, to a woman who directly translates business strategy between customers and the c-suite, and finally to two women who both represent the visionary side of the spectrum, promoting educational outreach and expanding the hiring for skilled information security professionals. We will look talk about backgrounds to begin, creating an ambience of both intended and unexpected experiences leading to their current success. Whether they are examining hardware or analyzing network traffic, a clear interest and passion developed, signifying queries from “how things worked” to eventually the cyber cognitive of “how to make things work better.” 

We are never finished analyzing a woman’s point of view!

Here you can read the entire article, The Unicorn Extinction Series part 2

We are looking forward to part 3!