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Inspiring Fifty 2017: Triple WiCS! We Need More Women In Tech!

Inspiring fifty has listed the 50 most Inspiring women in tech in the Netherlands 2017. According to inspiring fifty: “The Netherlands may be small, but the country has some serious technology talent”. Amongst the 50 tech super women are listed three WiCS members: Melanie Rieback, Gina Doekhie and Anouk Vos.

Melanie Rieback –  Co-Founder and CEO at Radically Open Security
Computer security and cybercrime, that’s what Melanie has built her career around. Her company Radically Open Security is actually the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. 90% of their profit goes to a foundation that fights to keep the internet open and safe.

Gina Doekhie – Forensic IT Expert at Fox-IT
Gina is one of the IT experts who’s out to make the online world a safer place. At Fox-IT, she advises socially responsible organisations like, governments and clients in the financial sector helped by her knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Forensic Intelligence.

Anouk Vos – Founding Partner at Revnext
Anouk is one of the founders of Revnext. They advise governmental organizations and multinationals on cyber security. She’s also president of the Women in Cyber Security Foundation, where she heads a growing international community of over 700 women who work in her field.

It is a special honor that three of our WiCS are mentioned at such a prestigious tech-women list.

‘Too few women active in tech’
Janneke Niessen, initiator of the Inspiring Fifty list, created the Inspiring fifty list to showcase the amount of talented women in tech there already are, but also to inspire more women to join the techology field. In the Dutch newspaper ‘Trouw’ Niessen claims: “Young women do not choose the technology field, based on false and prejudiced knowledge”.

Niessen hopes that one day the Inspiring fifty list won’t be a necessity anymore. In the mean time she will keep on working towards a more diverse technology environment.

Here you can read the ‘Trouw’ article ‘Techniek is nog te weinig een vrouwenbusiness’  in Dutch.

The entire Inspiring fifty most inspiring women in tech list of 2017 . WiCS is already looking forward to the 2018 edition. Go women in tech!