Women In The Technology Field

Research shows that women in the Netherlands are the least active in the technology sector compared to any other European country. Only 18% of our women are working in this field, whereas in Bulgaria the rate is up to 41%. Special attention and action is necessary starting with the international day for women and girl active in sciences. Gina Doekhie, active member of WICS, spoke on the Dutch show ‘Koffietijd’ about what it is like to be a working women in this field and why more women should think about doing the same.

Gina is actively fighting cybercrime as a digital forensic investigator. At a young age her father introduced her to a more technical way of life, an interest which she further developed during high school. According to Gina, young girls need to know and be informed about the wide range of possibilities of working in this field and, most importantly, that the image of the women working there is not at all what it used to be. Every day working in the field of science is a new and exciting one and, surprisingly to some, actually a very social one too.

Here you can watch the entire interview of Gina at Koffietijd (in Dutch)!