ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship: Apply Now!

You can now apply for the ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship! The scholarship will be awarded to a female student who aspires to a career in cybersecurity.

It is predicted that by the year 2020, the world will need 1.5 million more information security professionals. “Women bring different perspectives, viewpoints and approaches to problem-solving to the table, in everyday meetings and in the board rooms. This diversity of perspectives is particularly critical for the future of technology”, according to ESET’s Sr. Security Researcher Stephen Cobb.

ESET is proud to support women in STEM-related fields and promote equality in every aspect of the human professional experience. Diversity and equality will only serve to advance cybersecurity and cyber-adjacent industries.

Apply now!

If you are not in the position to apply yourself, YOU CAN HELP! Chances are you know a female student that will want to apply, and perhaps be inspired to get into the field.

ESET will award a $5,000 scholarship to a female who is pursuing a college-level degree in the cybersecurity field.

Here you can find all in the information about: how to apply, the requirements, deadlines and qualifications!

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