Two Women in CyberSecurity featured in Marie Claire

The latest of Marie Claire features two women from the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCS) Foundation: Anouk Vos and Gina Doehki. For a special Tech edition of Marie Claire Anouk and Gina were interviewed about their motivations, ambitions and trends and developments in cyber security.

Anouk Vos is the president of WiCS and founding partner at Revnext. She is the specialised partner in Cybersecurity / Innovation lead. Anouk Vos has years of experience as a strategic cybersecurity adviser.

Gina Doekhi is IT expert at the Department of Forensics and Incident Response at Fox-IT. She graduated with a double master from the University of Amsterdam: Forensic Intelligence and Forensic Science. “I was good at math and I wanted to do something with that.” Therefore, she started studying Artificial Intelligence (AI). This turned out to be a perfect match: “ICT with a piece of psychology, the mimicking of a human by using a computer.” Gina works with a lot of digital traces, but also gives training and often helps with eDiscovery matters.

The Dutch edition of Marie Claire notifies: “The next few years millions of jobs will disappear due to upcoming new tech developments. So whoever wants to stay at work, should be focusing on technology.

The interview is published in the Marie Claire February 2017 edition!