Call for paper: Conference ONE

Since 2013 The Netherlands hosts the One conference (before the Govcert symposium, the first in 2002). For many people from the technical community one of the ‘must-visit’ conferences in Europe. Partly due to the link (in time) with the Global Conference on Cyberspace (2015) en the EU-presidency (2016) the One Conference has grown in importance partly dedicated in 2016. The connection between technicians, experts, policy and decision makers on a non-commercial, neutral platform is a proven formula that contributes to the Dutch position.

During the High Level Meeting on cybersecurity in May 2016 the European Commission has indicated to be searching for some highly regarded conferences in Europe to hold on to when structuring its own policy statements. The chosen path of linking policy to technical issues in the One Conference could contribute to this request.

Thus, the economic dimensions of digital safety are new aspects in this case which led to the Ministry of Economic Affairs offering to become a full-fledged co-organizer of the event.
The conference will be broadened to an initiative of the national government. This will lead to a Conference with not only the focus on merely cybersecurity focus but also on the economic opportunities offered by the cyber domain. This is consistent with the approach chosen for the strengthening of the national approach on cybersecurity.

The One Conference is a two day conference consisting of a plenary program and various breakout sessions. Both technical topics such as malware detection, incident response, law enforcement cases and less technical subjects, among others, public-private partnerships, are discussed. Attention is also given to research from industry and science.

Main objectives One Conference
• Presenting and profiling the Netherlands as a digital gateway to Europe and a digital safe place to do business.
• Translating knowledge and insight about threats, vulnerabilities and technical developments

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