Astrid Oosenburg Digital Leader of the Year!

Astrid Oosenburg (PVDA, WiCS) was declared Digital Leader of the Year at the National Management & IT Symposium. She received the prize, that is awarded on behalf of CIOnet and ITWNET, from the previous winner – Michel van Hout (CIO Transavia).

In his speech, Mr van Hout praised Ms Oosenburg for her unwavering commitment to creating a better digital landscape for citizens and the government itself. Ms Oosenburg has repeatedly emphasized her worries about the level of digital knowledge in the parliament. At a time where the Netherlands is rapdily becoming a more digital economy, it is worrisome that there are so few candidates with IT affinity eligible in the upcoming elections.

Ms Oosenburg has recently convinced Minister Plasterk to require HTTPS for all government websites after introducing the Act Generic Digital Infrastructure. In addition, she has prevented the inhibition of innovation, and instead worked for providing certainty for existing parties and created space for digital innovation. A good balance between (big) data, privacy and civil responsibility is a big issue for her. She has been an active member of the Women in CyberSecurity foundation for many years.