The Legal & Internet Governance Track (Decrypting Sextortion Workshop at IGF2016)

What are the reasonable expectations of privacy users have in social media? What are the legal remedies that can facilitate a safety online experience? Are individuals’ difficulty expressing themselves in the face of online assaults absent from discussions about the Internet’s speech-facilitating role? Should sextortion be only tackled by criminalization of the abuser, what are the challenges in the face of law enforcement? How recent developments in regional case law (i.e European Court of Human Rights) may affect internet intermediaries’ monitoring, notice and takedown operations? Which internet intermediaries good practices based on content monitoring and take down tools should be boosted to tackle sextortion?

Panel moderator and panelist on the legal and internet governance track (Decrypting Sextortion workshop  at IGF2016): Catherine Garcia van Hoogstraten, Digital Governance, Information Technology & Cybersecurity advisor, researcher, senior lecturer at the Hague University of Applied Sciences & Webster University, WICS,, Twitter:@CatherineGvh

Here you can read her interview with Webster University about the cybersecurity industry and what students can expect during her class.


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