How The Holland Innovation House Rocked Dubai

On October 16th, the Holland Innovation House set foot in Dubai for the ultimate mission:  to set up a Dutch pavilion at the GITEX technology week, connect with Safety & IT Security companies from across the world and of course … to do business.  Initiators Mary-Jo de Leeuw and Peter Tjia gained the trust of 11 companies, namely: Tymlez, Maxcode, Onegini, Group2000, SSR Mainports, ComStar, Red Tulip Systems, Denars, Robot Security Systems, Cargobox and Sound. With a fully packed schedule and help from supporters like the Dutch Consul General Hans Sandee, the Dubai experience took off like a rocket.

According to Stephan Poelsma (Investment Director at SSR Mainports), the Holland Innovation House is a powerful country pavilion formula for doing business on international trade fares. “It’s designed as a ‘feel like home’ basecamp from which all of the participants can explore the international market with the help of our international friends. It feels like a Holland Heineken House for business.”

It meant the world

This basecamp could count on strong business support from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), InnovationQuarter (IQ) and of course the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mary-Jo de Leeuw, founder of Holland Innovation House, says ”They‘ve supported us with the business goals, as set by the participants, in a tremendous way. Furthermore all of the accompanied organisations were able to discover the ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates, step by step, in a certain way that nobody would have predicted upfront. It meant the world to all of us”.

Excellent opportunities

This, so called fully packed week, also meant a vibrant mix & match amongst the several site events such as a visit to the Emirates Airlines and The Cribb, an incubator and fan-base in Dubai for creative and ambitious people to connect, collaborate and create.
Liesbeth Becker Hoff (Chief Business Development Officer at Maxcode) says “This is one of the initiatives that has brought us a lot of openings, new opportunities and have strengthened existing contacts. Innovation really needs the .NET and Mobile app software developers of Maxcode. Connect to stay ahead!”. And that’s not all, according to Rob Sutter (CEO at Red Tulip Systems), the Holland Innovation House delegation to GITEX provided the participants with excellent opportunities to meet and connect with companies in the region that they would not have met otherwise”.

Here to stay

Does this story continue? Edwin Lustig (CEO at Robot Security Systems) says ”You must join forces in order to make a difference. I am very proud that I could have presented my new innovation, SAM3, to the world and also made a great deal upon my SAMS. I sold a couple, and some more. Who would have known that upfront? “

“To make a long story short”, says Mary-Jo de Leeuw, “The Holland Innovation House has proved its existence in Dubai with the help of The Hague Security Delta, InnovationQuarter and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. I therefore guarantee that we are here to stay! We will set foot in Dubai and some other destinations in 2017. So, let’s get connected and conquer the world… TOGETHER!”

More information about the Holland Innovation House?
Please contact Mary-Jo de Leeuw (founder), or +31 6 28 101 441.

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