Marjolijn Bonthuis Is The WiCS Woman Of The Year 2016

Marjolijn Bonthuis, deputy-director of ECP Platform for the Information Society, has been awarded the WiCS Woman of the Year Award 2016. The award was handed to her at a special ceremony during the international Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.

Marjolijn Bonthuis is deputy-director of ECP Platform for the Information Society. In her long career she created a trustmark for online shops, she was one of the first to create an awareness website for surfing safely on the internet. She distributed educational Digiducks, she led the lobby against spying Barbies, and dedicated herself to the tough legal battle against the spread of child pornograpy.

And she has done this not only in the Netherlands, where she joined 150 organisations to her own organisation. But also globally, where her ideas continue to echo in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum and beyond.

In their Jury report, The Women in Cyber Security Foundation stated that Marjolijn provides a true voice to those not often heard. Not only women, but also to children, teenagers and elders. She not only has a vision of a safe and more digitally able world. She truly embodies the spirit of Women in Cyber Security. For she knows that in order to truly change something, you have to mobilise others, roll up your sleeves and say: “screw it let’s do it”.

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