Do You Have The Right Map For IAM Maturity?

One of the themes our team heard from 2015 Gartner IAM Summit attendees was their growing need for IAM strategy and roadmap planning.

Identity is key in the fight to protect large enterprises from the growing sophistication of cyber attacks and threats. Building a stronger Identity and Access Management security posture is an ongoing process with many different aspects to be considered and improved.

Today PathMaker Group is announcing a new tool called the IAM Maturity Advisory Program (“IAM MAP”) to help our customers with the advancement of their IAM programs.

Central to the IAM MAP process is a benchmark called the ‘8 Levers of IAM Maturity’ in an enterprise and it contains the 80 most important measures that a leader should look at to evaluate the progress of the IAM program. By knowing where you are from poor to best in each lever at the strategic level, and each of the 80 measures at the tactical level, you can prioritize performance improvement and drive maturity up. The result is stronger overall security for your organization.

Check out more HERE.

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