Women In Cybersecurity Breakfast At Bisc

Hi all,
 at the excellent suggestion of Anouk, there will be a Women in Cybersecurity Breakfast organised at the Belgian Internet Security Conference on 26/11, hosted by CERT.be.

Gender is a topic that has not been broached often in the Belgian cybersecurity scene, and I am looking forward to organize a very first gathering of Belgian women in cybersecurity here. 
I hope some of you would be able to join as well and share experiences. Unfortunately I was not able to obtain a discount for WICS members to register for BISC (something about positive discrimination for women) but if it’s successful, maybe we will next year

The breakfast will be an excellent networking opportunity, with the purpose of getting to know each other and discovering how we can empower each other. 

The amazing Keren Elazari presented last year at BISC, unfortunately we weren’t very successful in programming strong female speakers this year. I admit, we should have tried harder. I hope to get some suggestions at the Breakfast for next year maybe :)? 
The delightful Mikko Hypponen will be one of our keynote speakers this year though, we also have 3 sessions on incident response, strategy and communication & awareness. Other than the WICS breakfast, also good reasons to hop down to Brussels. The conference is less technical, more aimed towards IT decision makers, but all are welcome of course.

More information on the conference HERE

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