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The Growing Need For More Women Cybersleuths

Amid high-profile breaches on websites such as Ashley Madison and the IRS, experts say the need for cybersecurity professionals—including women—is only growing.

Nearly 2 million global cybersecurity professionals will be needed by 2017, according to the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College. At the same time, the cybersecurity industry is facing a gender gap.

“One of the interesting things that we see is that 50 percent or more of those graduating from college are women, and 11 percent only are in the cybersecurity field,” said Shelley Westman, vice president at IBM Security. “So what we see is as an industry, we’re leaving a lot of talent on the table,” she said.

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The Ashley Madison hack keeps coming back in the news. Seems like everyday brings new facts and figures: 33 million accounts published, 90/95% of the accounts are men the others (fake) women accounts, sexual preferations published, .gov and .mil emailaddresses found, the former CTO hacked the competition and bragged about it in emails.

Who would hack Ashley Madison and why? A disgruntled partner? Considering the figures, must be a women then!

What are your opinions on this hack?

WiCS Go Singapore | 15 Oct

Save the date! On October 15th Women in Cyber Security are organizing a Fireside Chat during the Hack-in-the-Box GSEC Conference

The topic of the chat is: “raising the visibility of female hackers”

After all, the last thing women need is to be “Anonymous” in this security field!

After several successful collaborations between Hack-in-the-Box and Women in Cyber Security in Amsterdam we have now decided to follow HiTB to Singapore. HiTB-GSEC is a three-day Singapore based security conference where attendees get to vote on the final agenda and are introduced to speakers and each other based on the votes they cast.

The Fireside Chat is a free sideline event for women researchers organized in association with the Women in Cyber Security (WICS) Group.

More info on the chat

HITB GSEC attendees are automatically registered. If you aren’t attending the main conference but would like an invite for this session, please email

Dilemma: Artsen Redden Levens Door Patiëntinformatie Te Delen Via Whatsapp

Voor mij is dit precies waar het om gaat: verouderde systemen functioneren niet naar behoren, en als gevolg blijven kunnen mensen hun werk niet naar behoren doen. Daarom stappen mensen over op workarounds die niet veilig zijn (hier: artsen die Whatsapp gebruiken, en daarmee levens redden). Ik begrijp waarom je het doet, maar voor mij is het toch niet acceptabel. Het moet niet zo zijn dat er geen andere manier is dan Whatsapp om patiëntinformatie te delen. Of zijn die andere veilige manieren er wel, en zijn artsen gewoon lui?

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