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Innovation Room? Dutch Innovations in cyber security!

Our society has become fully dependent on the internet and IT networks. Therefore it is of great importance to protect these networks against cybercrime. Within The Hague Security Delta, the largest security cluster in Europe, businesses, governments and knowledge institutions are working together on developing innovative cyber security solutions that do just that.

In April 2015, during the Cyber Security Week, 20 Dutch innovations in the field of cyber security were on display at the Cyber Security Innovation Room. The event took place at the HSD Campus, the Dutch innovation centre for security. This happend in The Hague, in the same week as the Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015 and theNCSC One Conference, which brought more than 100 delegations from all over the globe to The Hague.

Many companies
The Innovation Room was opened by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, themayor of the city of The Hague and the general director of HSD. The Innovation Room featured 20 Dutch innovations. Six of them have been developed with support from the Dutch government and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Three innovations have been made possible with co-financing from the HSD Development Fund. Nearly all innovations are the result of a collaboration between businesses, governments and knowledge institutions.
Jozias van Aartsen (Mayor of The Hague) explains: ‘The importance of the Innovation Room, you could see it during the opening, is fascinating. Because so many companies, businesses, small and large, are present here. All those who are interested in innovation and of course in security on the internet are present here.’. Minister Henk Kamp emphasised the crucial role The Netherlands has played in enhancing cyber security globally and its position as secure digital gateway to Europe. The Dutch government has firmly invested in innovative cyber security solutions the last couple of years.

Dutch Innovations
Innovations that were on display at the Innovation Room included The Digital Evidence Dashboard, FoxGuard, Storro, AnubisNetworks Cyberfeed and Threadscan. Threadscan is a project of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, World Stream and Threadstone. It was made possible by co-financing from the HSD Development Fund. Frans van de Wetering (Threadstone) explains: ThreadScan is provided by ThreadStone and what we do is we help small and medium enterprises to protect themselves against cyber criminals. We do that by scanning their systems connected through the internet for vulnerabilities.

Also, KPN launched the innovative Black Phone on the Dutch market. Edward Hoeks (KPN) ‘The black phone is an innovation delivered by KPN. It’s a smart phone containing a special operating system that protects all the data on the smart phone, on the BlackPhone.’


Facts and figures
1,250 Cyber security professionals and dozens of national and international journalists visited the Innovation Room, which was organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and Security, The City of The Hague and The Hague Security Delta in close cooperation with 75 partners.