WiCS Strategy Meeting

Dear all,

This Wednesday February 11, the first strategy session of the WICS will take place. We are tremendously looking forward to discussing with you how we as WICS can grasp the opportunities that present themselves, and how we can enable WICS to live up to it’s potential.

You are welcome to join us on Wednesday February 11, starting 16.00 uur, at VKA located in Zoetermeer. Signing up is still possible, please send a message to womenincybersec@gmail.com.

Verdonck, Klooster en Associates
Baron de Coubertinlaan
2719 EN Zoetermeer
Telefoon: 079-3681000

VKA is located close to the main train station of Zoetermeer. Route description for car and public transport (in Dutch): http://www.vka.nl/contact/

Meeting agenda:
16.00 Reception
16.15 Introduction: opportunities and future prospects
16.30 Strategic session by Steven Debets, VKA: what would we want to accomplish with WICS, and how do we get there?
18.30 Follow up and closing
18.45 Dinner and drinks, courtesy of VKA


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