WiCS Membership Strategic Meeting | VKA

We are reaching our 2 year anniversary as a LinkedIn networking organization. In our brief history we have been approached by many of you to organize offline events, start all sorts of crazy initiatives and have even been offered sponsorship deals. We truly appreciate all these great ideas offered to us, but feel that our current organizational shape is limiting us in reaching the full potential of our network. We want our network to grow both in size and outreach. Therefore, we want to reinvent ourselves as foundation. A foundation with a vision, objectives, activities, lively network and financial possibilities. A foundation with a durable organizational structure including a board and working groups.

WiCS belongs to us all. Everybody who feels connected is part of the WiCS! That’s why we will organize a strategic meeting with all our members and together decide what objectives we want to set for the future and how we are going to achieve them. This meeting can be considered a foundation start meeting, or general membership meeting.

VKA has offered to support the WiCS in setting up and hosting the meeting. The previous announced meeting at VKA The Netherlands (27th Nov) will therefore be rescheduled to January 22, 2015. The meeting shall start at 17.00 hours, the exact location will be shared with you a.s.a.p.

We hope to welcome you to this meeting!

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