‘Wij zijn het Uber van de cybersecurity’

Met Radically Open Security wil Melanie Rieback de wereld van cyberveiligheid hervormen. Minder focus op geld en meer

Cybersecurity: a no-woman’s land?

Cybersecurity is big business with starting salaries that could turn heads. And yet there’s still a struggle to

‘Ik lach om al die vooroordelen’

Met haar bedrijf beveiligt ze wereldwijd IP-netwerken en de Olympische Spelen van 2020 in Tokio gaat ze beschermen

Meet the Cyber Squad

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you

Stimulating Women To Study CS

These are some great tips to get women to study computer science. Would probably also have an effect

Dispelling The 3 Myths That Put Women Off The It Industry

Nominet’s head of IT security Cath Goulding dispels the idea that IT is boring, technical, hard or lonely

New Data Finds Women Still Only 10% Of Security Workforce

The needle has not moved: new data released today by (ISC)2 and Booz Allen Hamilton shows that the

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Hitb Biz-Commsec Exhibition & Track

An exhibition area showcasing Singapore hackerspaces, makers, builders and security communities highlighting their projects and initiatives, combined with

Do You Have The Right Map For IAM Maturity?

One of the themes our team heard from 2015 Gartner IAM Summit attendees was their growing need for

WiCS Will Be Attending Appseceu In Rome This June

WHO ELSE IS ATTENDING AND WANTS TO MEET UP FRO DRINKS?? Any women attending @AppSecEU up for a meet-up? Grappa, Campari, Prosecco? Let us know! #Appsec #Rome #WiCS OWASP AppSec